Our preventive maintenance program is the most comprehensive in the industry today. We believe in-service training, and regular safety inspections are essential parts of a good Preventive Maintenance Program. We can design a Preventive Maintenance Program to fit the needs and budget of your facility.


Our Factory trained  and certified technicians are experts at maintaining your kitchen equipment.

Regular maintenance on your equipment including calibration, lubrication, our 18 point safety check, and all necessary adjustments to PREVENT your equipment from failing will MINIMIZE down time.

Major repairs and overhauls are costly. Avoid this by having routine maintenance. Let PRO-TEK increase the life of your equipment with a properly administered Preventive Maintenance Program.

You wouldn’t miss an oil change or tune up on your car. Your kitchen equipment needs regular maintenance check-ups to run properly. Our technicians are specially trained to keep your equipment in top shape, to save you money, and keep your kitchen running STRESS FREE.

At PRO-TEK we understand the importance of having your dish machines up to temp., your ovens must light when you need them. We know you depend on your equipment, and you can depend on us.

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